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Tom Harris 


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Tom Harris is a northern pianist and educator. He tries his best to make good music with kind people, and wants to share it with as many folks as possible!


Since dropping out of formal music education in 2018, Tom has developed his practice through collaborative work with artists from across the UK, including Rosie Tee, Marco Woolf, and Freya Wysocki. During that time he has also established a handful of longer-term projects - melodic and textural voice/piano duo wilkins/harris, improvising song interpreters Shrews, groove-based instrumental quartet Trampette, and ulita, a music-driven theatre collective with vocalist/composer Nishla Smith and visual artist Luca Shaw.


Harris’ most recent recording - canyon, exhibits i-vi. - was released independently in May 2021. This fully improvised duo EP with drummer Kai Chareunsy sparked a series of responses from artists across different disciplines - visual work by Imogen Richards, a short suite of poetry by Marco Woolf, and music videos by visual artist Luca Shaw and improvising dancer Stephanie Burrell. The duo have plans to take this collaborative cross-disciplinary approach further, and are currently looking into creating new work with filmmakers, poets, dancers, theatre-makers, storytellers, visual artists, and more.


He (*I) is (*am) quite bad at updating this site… the best place to get up to date news about upcoming performances/releases/etc. is by signing up to his (*my) mailing list, or following him (*me) on Instagram or Facebook.

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