As somebody who feels more comfortable working collaboratively, I've avoided putting out music in my own name, or being the ‘leader’ of a project. However, after building up an oversized collection of never-played compositions, I decided that it was finally time to put together a band and share my music!

Inspired by pianist Emmet Cohen’s weekly live streams (with the incredible house rhythm section of Russell Hall and Kyle Poole), I felt that the best way to do this would be to form a regular trio and feature different horn players/singers for each gig - allowing for lots of new input/direction while still fostering a strong band relationship and identity.

The trio features long-term collaborator Kai Chareunsy on drums, and alternating double bassists Myra Brownbridge and Josh Vadiveloo. We'll be touring the UK in Spring 2022, playing with a special guest in each city!


I'll update these links as the tickets become available. More dates may be added!

Poster by the amazing Freya Wysocki (with photo by Sophie Jouvenaar).